Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sneak Peek!

Here is a shot from our engagement pictures!

I am sorry for my long absence on here! More photos (and words) to come!

xo, Kelsey Belle


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happie Creations

Ohhhh hey! 

Yesterday, I finally launched what I have been working on for weeks now.

Drum roll please....

I have started a little wedding invitation shop that goes by the name of Happie Creations.   I was determined to make my own wedding invitations & in the process realized how much I enjoyed it!  It was so fun to exercise my creativity in this way and I thought it may be a little endeavor I could hold on to for quite a while.  Here are a few photos of invitation sets I have created, but please do browse my shop and favorite some items to spread the word!

Photos taken by the very talented Sam Pierce.

xo, Kelsey Belle


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Life Lately

I have been enjoying wedding planning so, so much!  It is quite fun, and not too stressful.   That is, if you can make decisions and remember its about the marriage, not just a big day!  I am so excited to get to share this with David and for him to participate in all the fun details.  I try to make it pretty stress free for him and narrow it down to some choices and then present him with a few good options.  We decide together and BOOM, the magic happens.

Compromise is a good thing too.  Our latest compromise was that he got to do the scanning while registering for gifts and I pretty much got to pick whatever I wanted....good compromise, right?

If you are in the season of wedding planning, here are a few links I have found to be helpful:::

[i fully believe in understanding each other 
and how you can best love each other]

Communication Tools:
Which one are you?
I am primarily 
quality time, physical, touch & words of affirmation.
But I like them all.
Trust me on this one....this will help you understand your partner
and love them the way THEY feel loved.

Planning Checklist:
Who needs a book when you have 

Budgeting Tools:
Budget Spreadsheet
This thing is stellar.
I found it on a wedding website
and it has been SO helpful.
I sadly, cannot remember where it is from
so if you recognize it please let me know.

Save On Crafts -my most recent discovery
full of any decor idea you can think of.
I found some super cute milk bottles &
honey jars here.

If you look on A Beautiful Mess
and search wedding, you will
drool over both sisters weddings
and rockin' DIY ideas.

Kelsey Belle


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little Things I love

As you can probably see, I may have taken a little break from blogging lately.  It wasn't intentional but even with all of the free time I have the days go by so fast!  It seems I have endless reading to accomplish before summer begins to prepare for the missions school I will be heading to, not to mention planning a wedding! 

Today I would love to share with you some things I have been enjoying lately:::

[Oh how inspiring & transparent my dear friend Kendall is!]

Have you ever heard of Swell?  This surfer chic website always 
is offering a 40% off sale items.

How I Met Your Mother, for the first time. I know, i'm sooo behind.

Honey Pop courtesy of my bestie Elise
[melt 1/3 honey & 1/3 cup butter over popped popcorn & bake at 350 for 13 min]

captivated by:::
Heidi Baker's most recent book Birthing The Miraculous
full of testimonies from the mission field.

xo, Kelsey Belle

Also, be sure to check out a giveaway with my prints at This Little Heart Blog.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Can I Just Share This Again?

I have posted this before, quite a while back, but as I listen to it again I feel it to be a much needed reminder.  If you are feeling "stuck" creatively then this is for you.  Honestly, sometimes I don't feel much like writing on here.  Life happens, and quite truthfully a lot of amazing-ness is going on in my life, yet I feel I have nothing to write about.  Or even when I do, I feel this block going on.  I have been working on another creative outlet recently, which hopefully I will soon debut on here.  But for now I will leave you with this!

Love you guys!
Kelsey Belle


Friday, March 7, 2014


I was reading scripture today, and talking to God as I read and began to think.  I want to know God like I know people.  

Take my relationship with David as an example. I want to know everything about him.  I want to know all of his stories, and I want to hear them time and time again for the years to come.  I want to know his favorite things; I want to know what makes him smile.  I want to keep learning about him.  Each day I want to learn something new about him and I want to continue discovering things about each other for the rest of our lives.

This is how I want my relationship with God to be as well.  It is not enough for me to settle into the mindset that I need to check time with him off like its a "to-do list."  It is not enough for me to go through my day, say a few prayers to feel like I "did the right thing."  I want to know the God that allows his Holy Spirit to dwell inside of me!

I want to read scripture from a place of, "I want to know everything about you Lord! I want to know all of you.  I want to know what is important to you.  I want to know what brings you joy.  I want to know every bit of your history through the ages.  I want to discover more about you every single day!"

I read this quote from Joy Williams, of the Civil Wars and I found it to be a good reminder in my relationships.  She is speaking of her relationship with her husband, but I find it to be applicable in my relationship with God as well:::

"A very wise woman once told me to think of long-term relationships as if you were backpacking a continent: that I could spend my entire life with bare feet and a backpack, [walking] through Africa, and on my dying day still not know everything there is about that continent. And to me, that's the metaphor of what long-term relationships are — that it's a journey, and you have to stay intentional and you have to stay present. It's so easy to get tired, or to lose track of the path that you're on, or to want a new adventure. I think what I'm learning, if we're all honest, there are moments that we all have that in our long-term relationships. It makes it ache a little bit less, knowing that it's a universal thing in a lot of ways, and that to stay mindful and to stay present and to stay curious about the person that's inches away from you all the time is really a beautiful thing"

Just a few thoughts for the day.

xo, Kelsey Belle


Monday, March 3, 2014


1. Besties celebrating Kelli Lee's engagement! 
2. hammock happiness
3. post dress-shopping coffee at barista parlor
 4. we found a wedding ring for him!
5.wedding shenanigans
 6. snowy play time
7. tampa travels 
8. coffee shop hoppin'

xo, Kelsey Belle


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